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It has been a while since my last post.
And I guess a fair bit has happened since.
I had a week at a national newspaper which was great.
And a little too long at an ethical magazine was…not so great.

The anti climax is that all my work experiences seem to be leading me further from pursuing what I once though was my dream; a job in journalism. 

My weekend job has changed from reception to bigger things within the same company and I’m having more fun in this job that all journo workies I’ve done.

It is eye opening. But leaves me slightly confused looking at life AU (after university).


University lectures are SO boring right now. I have ZERO motivation to do school work. So what do I do? I escape university for a week and go to a national newspaper instead. Woop!

Will update you on how that goes – my work experience week is next month!

I’m hoping to go from:                  to:

This summer I’ve done four internships:

1) National newspaper, newsy side

2) National newspaper’s colour supplement, fashion side

3) National weekly glossy, fashion side

4) PR/design, fashion and beauty side

Out of the four, number 2 sticks out in my head as the one I most felt at home at. Number 3 was the most fun, I miss the other interns! A part of me wants to work for a weekly glossy, but the atmosphere is not very new-woman-on-the-block friendly. Number 1 was simply an experience to see if I wanted to be a ‘serious’ journalist (as they call it), I got a byline and enjoyed my week there but I don’t think it’s something I see myself doing. Number 4 was the only one I was counting down the days in. Definitely something I won’t be doing soon.

I’m glad I did all four of them. At the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t sure at all what area I wanted to go in, let alone whether it was PR or magazines. Now at least I know to aim for fashion.

…for us workies is so substantial when it comes to that famous tea making. A friend of mine – let’s call her Lorelai – is working on the news desk of a national paper and says the staffers offer her tea/coffee all day long. Whereas I, on a national glossy weekly, have to go around every person’s desk offering them tea (to which the answer will never be ‘no’).

Lorelai is always treated with respect and as a part of the team. She’s given important jobs, bylines and is invited to lunch/drinks.

So what is it that makes newspaper staffers so admirable while those that work on magazines are a) patronising b) intimidating and c) act high and mighty?!

That’s a bit of a title isn’t it! Remember the Saturday supplement I worked at last week? They called me back in to work! BUT I’m at a weekly now so no can do *extremely sad face but happy too ‘cos I like this new place but not so happy because it’s not as good as last week’s*.

But at least it means that I wasn’t too bad eh! I really want to go back though, I enjoyed it so much and felt so at home in just the five days I spent there!

Cassandra Jardine says a great way to get work experience is to shadow your favourite journalist. Flattery gets you far, says Jardine, who works for The Daily Telegraph. E-mails are always easy to get hold of as most publications follow a style. Sometimes simply Googling the journalist comes with an e-mail address.

Easy as pie.

Now, Katie Mulloy if you’re reading this, could I shadow you?