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It has been a while since my last post.
And I guess a fair bit has happened since.
I had a week at a national newspaper which was great.
And a little too long at an ethical magazine was…not so great.

The anti climax is that all my work experiences seem to be leading me further from pursuing what I once though was my dream; a job in journalism. 

My weekend job has changed from reception to bigger things within the same company and I’m having more fun in this job that all journo workies I’ve done.

It is eye opening. But leaves me slightly confused looking at life AU (after university).


So my PR internship is over. It was more like a design internship than PR. Nevertheless, I learnt how to design press releases, if not how to write them.

I did, however, get a  chance to write, design and send out one of the press releases. It felt great, like a project carried through. And hey, Vogue beauty blog is featuring my product in the up coming weeks. So, success…no?

Magazines vs PR

This internship was supposed to give me some sort of indication if it’s PR or magazines I wanted to do. But it hasn’t. It’s made that line even more blurred. I do wish I worked more on the PR side of things, maybe that would have helped out my decision. It did, however, teach me not to go into the design side of things if I do ever enter this profession (InDesign and Photoshop, you have given me a few grey hairs, you!)

It’s been an okay four weeks. The thing that taught me the most were my boss’s telephone conversations. Just the way she liases with clients, with magazines, with other PRs…it teaches a lot more about the way the industry works than if I had sat down and wrote 51 press releases during my time.

And every work experience is, at the end of the day, experience. And a contact made!

Ahhh yes. An office FULL of women, not one single. But me. It’s pretty funny actually. It honestly doesn’t bother me, I enjoy being single – in fact it’s a state I have become pretty accustomed to in life. I just can’t believe that I am literally the ONLY single worker! Maybe that’s why I get treated like inferior, and  maybe me being a workie has nothing to do with it. Ah that’s what it is!

No, seriously, I seem to be the only person that’s actually comfortable with being me single. Everyone else – including my family – treat me like an unmarryable peasant (note to self…stop exaggerating). My three weeks at this magazine have made me feel like Miranda in SATC – you know the scene where she gets stopped on the road and gets comforted for being single? Yes that scene exactly. Will you just let me die my hair ginger.