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It has been a while since my last post.
And I guess a fair bit has happened since.
I had a week at a national newspaper which was great.
And a little too long at an ethical magazine was…not so great.

The anti climax is that all my work experiences seem to be leading me further from pursuing what I once though was my dream; a job in journalism. 

My weekend job has changed from reception to bigger things within the same company and I’m having more fun in this job that all journo workies I’ve done.

It is eye opening. But leaves me slightly confused looking at life AU (after university).


Having Mondays off is proving to be quite a catch without a catch. No, I don’t laze around the sofa (though sometimes I do ask my self why not?!). I have a part-time internship with a magazine. Once again, as I don’t reveal my work places, I cannot reveal too much about where I work except that it’s not a massive publication. And interestingly enough, it doesn’t rely on PRs nor advertisers. Which is odd because how does it make money? That part I cannot answer. Because, frankly, I lack the slightest idea.

The good news is I’m writing actual published fashion pages. TICK.

The bad news is that my week looks a little like this:
Monday – magazine
Tue, Wed, Thur – lectures
Thur – work after lectures (the weekend job)
Fri – lectures
Sat and Sunday – work

So not only do I have no time to CHILL, I also have no time to do university work. And that’s a whole other issue in itself which I wont bore you with.

Not sure what exactly a lie-in feels like anymore. All I’m concentrating on is getting EXPERIENCE! Because godammit it’s been nearly three years and that is the only word on my lips.

I sound like a bore. And frankly I am. In trying to schedule a meeting with a friend earlier this week, I had to push it back because every day that she mentioned, I had either work or university, or BOTH!

And the only reason I’m doing this is because I keep thinking I will reap the rewards soon (if soon means before the age of 30. Right now I’m 20).

University lectures are SO boring right now. I have ZERO motivation to do school work. So what do I do? I escape university for a week and go to a national newspaper instead. Woop!

Will update you on how that goes – my work experience week is next month!

I’m hoping to go from:                  to:

A Z-list, reality show reject asked me to pay him for an interview! Oh the cheek of those who crave fame so bad! I wanted to get inside the mind of him, change public’s view of the reality show contestant, make him look…you know…good! But the nobody refused an interview without a pricey pay cheque and approval from his manager.

Lesson one I learnt in Journalism class was never give your questions to the PR before the interview.

Lesson two I learnt was, in general, interviews aren’t paid.

Someone should tell my darling Z lister to stop being a diva. Every interview is exposure. His 15 minutes are ticking!

At weekends, I work in an industry full of undercover celebrity news, X Factor scams and real behind the scenes facts. I know when the Daily Mail is telling the truth (shockingly, it actually sometimes does!) and when someone famous is covering up a bad lie (oh sweet Cheryl). As a journalist, I could easily sell 100s of stories and make 100s of pounds. But I choose not to.

I’ve found myself on various occasions nervously clutching to the ‘send’ button in an e-mail to a showbiz commissioning editor. But then something stops me actually clicking. I’d like to think it was my morals (oi you, I do have a few!) because even as I’m typing away my pitch, I put myself in that celebrity’s body and all of a sudden feel slightly sick.

Just because these people are in the public eye doesn’t make them our property. There are some (cue Kerry Katona) that ask for every little bit of bad press they get. But the occasional (one in a million) famous person just wants to be recognised for their talent.

For now, though, I’ll attempt to make money the clean way. I DO want to sleep at night, you know.

Uni is, alas, in full swing now. So what do I do now? I can’t just sit back and let all my hard summer’s work go to waste just because I have dozens of other deadlines…right? Hmmm…! Well I don’t want to…and thus I’m trying my hand at freelancing. Why? Well mainly because it’s a substantial part of a university project, and also because I’m clearly addicted to rejection. Whatever…does me no harm right?

I’m interviewing an ethical designer right now, trying to get it published somewhere. Anywhere. Do you want it? Oh go on.

Oh sweet desperation *whistles to herself whilst looking at the stars in central London*…

*realises that the star was in fact just another plane. And now ponders on a song called “wishing on a planeee…..” *

Just replace each ‘star’ in this song with an ‘airplane’

BoB and Hayley Williams know what I’m talking about

Well that was a bit of a digression. Can’t say I don’t go multimedial (new word) on the blog, now can you?