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It has been a while since my last post.
And I guess a fair bit has happened since.
I had a week at a national newspaper which was great.
And a little too long at an ethical magazine was…not so great.

The anti climax is that all my work experiences seem to be leading me further from pursuing what I once though was my dream; a job in journalism. 

My weekend job has changed from reception to bigger things within the same company and I’m having more fun in this job that all journo workies I’ve done.

It is eye opening. But leaves me slightly confused looking at life AU (after university).


Having Mondays off is proving to be quite a catch without a catch. No, I don’t laze around the sofa (though sometimes I do ask my self why not?!). I have a part-time internship with a magazine. Once again, as I don’t reveal my work places, I cannot reveal too much about where I work except that it’s not a massive publication. And interestingly enough, it doesn’t rely on PRs nor advertisers. Which is odd because how does it make money? That part I cannot answer. Because, frankly, I lack the slightest idea.

The good news is I’m writing actual published fashion pages. TICK.

The bad news is that my week looks a little like this:
Monday – magazine
Tue, Wed, Thur – lectures
Thur – work after lectures (the weekend job)
Fri – lectures
Sat and Sunday – work

So not only do I have no time to CHILL, I also have no time to do university work. And that’s a whole other issue in itself which I wont bore you with.

Not sure what exactly a lie-in feels like anymore. All I’m concentrating on is getting EXPERIENCE! Because godammit it’s been nearly three years and that is the only word on my lips.

I sound like a bore. And frankly I am. In trying to schedule a meeting with a friend earlier this week, I had to push it back because every day that she mentioned, I had either work or university, or BOTH!

And the only reason I’m doing this is because I keep thinking I will reap the rewards soon (if soon means before the age of 30. Right now I’m 20).

This time I want to reflect on this past month in particular. What I failed to blog was that I quit LFW. I just couldn’t do 12 hour days, no lunch, and then being hated for wanting to leave. And although I had one of the best positions around, my heart just wasn’t in it. Before LFW, I had never quit anything. But come the end of it, I’ve quit twice.

Remember the invites I didn’t give out? 1st quit. And now this. 2nd quit.

Before this job, I looked down on quitters. I was my own drill marshal, shouting WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WANT FOOD?! KIDS ARE STARVING ALL OVER THE WORLD FOOL. But that marshal voice seems to have silenced lately. I miss my own PUSHING voice at the back of my head telling me to give it 121% and nothing less. Before LFW, I was the hardest worker I knew – I did everything right, and what’s worse? I actually did everything right!

So my spirits have dampened. I no longer feel like super-intern. I feel like a shity why-did-I-hire-this-idiot intern, to be honest.

Out of a group of about 120 of us interns at fashion week, 2 guys and I got selected to join the actual managerial team to work with them in the offices!

So while the other interns spent the day cleaning, moving furniture and heavy boxes, I was sat at a laptop creating guest lists and calling modeling agencies. It was bliss!

I guess it just goes to show to always do as much as you can and more!

*Taps self on the back*

Today is a day I should make most of. It’s my last day off.

I work weekends anyway, but Monday sees the start of LFW preps. (And straight after LFW, it’s back to uni).

I’m VERY excited!

Tonight, London plays host to Fashion’s Night Out. I couldn’t stay for the entire night because this London Workie has to wake up early tomorrow. (OK I lied – I just couldn’t be bothered to watch overly dressed up people act conceited at the only fashion night they can get in to).

Topshop, predictably, attracted the stylish; Massimo Dutti entertained the sophisticated; and River Island had queuing teenagers at its photo booth; while Zara seemed to be filled with the confused just-stepped-out-of-Bond-Street-station-and-walked-into-the-first-shop-I-passed bunch.

Don’t think me a cynic. I actually enjoyed the night – it added a little flavour to a usually mundane shopping spree. Flavour under the name of Mojitos and  chocolate covered strawberries at Massimo Dutti and quirky salmon on crackers at Zara, to be specific. (Note to Zara, I’d rather have the chocolate covered strawberries).

Anyway, I realised I don’t post any photos on this blog. So enjoy my aray of what was an hour at Fashion’s Night Out – London.

Models at Zara

Not sure about the hair at Zara

Shoppers queuing for free drinks at Topshop

Keeping the drinks flowing at Topshop

Make up by Topshop

A talk by The Fashion Desk at Topshop

An audience of observant listeners. (Tragic shot of the woman closest to the camera)

Let’s move on to River Island…

Welcome to the Beauty Zone

1st floor was transformed into a salon

While ground floor saw crowds waiting for the photo booth

Vogue’s souvenir bag and t-shirt were available to buy from each store.

Until next year. Maybe I’ll make it past Oxford Street.