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A Z-list, reality show reject asked me to pay him for an interview! Oh the cheek of those who crave fame so bad! I wanted to get inside the mind of him, change public’s view of the reality show contestant, make him look…you know…good! But the nobody refused an interview without a pricey pay cheque and approval from his manager.

Lesson one I learnt in Journalism class was never give your questions to the PR before the interview.

Lesson two I learnt was, in general, interviews aren’t paid.

Someone should tell my darling Z lister to stop being a diva. Every interview is exposure. His 15 minutes are ticking!


A friend of mine, doing a few weeks at The Guardian, has picked up a very good piece of advice. Journalists told her to SPECIALISE in a field. The competition is brutal, so the best thing to do is become a master in one field.

Just like make-up artist Louise Constad says those who call themselves  ”make-up artists, stylist AND a hair dressers”, all in one , are usually not as good because their energy and talents are spread, giving the client quantity and not quality.

That’s what I’m working on now. I’ve chosen my field: fashion. I’ve realised there isn’t much point of me working returning to the news desk as I won’t pick up anything on fashion.

Though I do advise that if you want to be a magazine journalist, try a news desk on a national newspaper, too. I went into the game thinking I wanted to be a war correspondent – something ‘hard newsy’. Turns out the only war I want to report on is the one that happens on the ground floor of the Selfridges Boxing Day sale.

There’s never an exact time that magazines start taking workies for the year ahead, but I seem to think it’s summer. I’ve been e-mailing all year round, with failed responses ‘we’re full’. Something tells me summer is a new start for them, I know for sure it is for one monthly women’s magazine. So in these next few days, I’m dedicating my hours to all those applications again. It’s back to square 1 (plus 1…the work experiences from this summer) with C.Vs, adjusting cover letters and chasing it all up with a phone call. Dearest me. When shall this applying be over, Alexandra Shulman can’t wait forever for me to a be a fully eperienced wonder woman of the glossies.

Back to work.

Straight after I finished my four-week internship at the weekly magazine, I got two offers. One was to go back to the weekly supplement, the other to assistant a shoot…both were supposed to be in this last week, and both I had to turn down because I booked a holiday straight after. Would I turn down a holiday for an internship? Yes, except that I couldn’t let down the cousin I was travelling with.

Damn it! has great tips to get started in the fashion industry. They suggest signing up to an agency, and here’s three they recommend:

Staffing by Hall
270 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016
(212) 683-3360
Clients Include: Alexander Wang, Zac Posen

Hall’s a bit old-fashioned–the company doesn’t even have a Web site–but the firm does recruitment for plenty of top designers, including Alexander Wang (who, we’ve heard from sources, needs to hire about 12 more people. But don’t get too excited yet: The executive team is taking its time to ensure each new employee is right for the job.) Specifically, the agency recruits technical designers, production people, merchandisers, and buyers.
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Same applies to journalism (or ANY) applications. Spell check is vital. Gender goes without saying (journalist Kim Fletcher repeatedly got addressed as Miss/Mrs in cover letters – it’s Mr actually) and never put ‘To whom it may concern’ or ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, because if you can’t learn the receiver’s name, you’re not a journalist.