Ed Caesar’s piece on the Times Online didn’t make me feel too confident about becoming a journalist. Yes I know the salary won’t put Oscar de la Renta on my back, and the hours are, well, unsociable – I can deal with that. What I am starting to fear is this idea of journalism as a career more open to the rich. Because I’m not. If you must know, I have something like £200 in my bank account – the fruits of student loan. What I do have, however, is a helpful family who are keeping me securely in London, and a couple of work experience placements during the summer.

I’ve just finished my second year of Journalism BA at a university in the city. I don’t want to reveal my identity nor the places I work at. But a summary: 2 national newspapers, one weekly magazine, one fashion PR, one continuous quarterly magazine, and I’m still looking for more.

I want to document my journey as a workie trying to get a paid position.