Uni is, alas, in full swing now. So what do I do now? I can’t just sit back and let all my hard summer’s work go to waste just because I have dozens of other deadlines…right? Hmmm…! Well I don’t want to…and thus I’m trying my hand at freelancing. Why? Well mainly because it’s a substantial part of a university project, and also because I’m clearly addicted to rejection. Whatever…does me no harm right?

I’m interviewing an ethical designer right now, trying to get it published somewhere. Anywhere. Do you want it? Oh go on.

Oh sweet desperation *whistles to herself whilst looking at the stars in central London*…

*realises that the star was in fact just another plane. And now ponders on a song called “wishing on a planeee…..” *

Just replace each ‘star’ in this song with an ‘airplane’

BoB and Hayley Williams know what I’m talking about

Well that was a bit of a digression. Can’t say I don’t go multimedial (new word) on the blog, now can you?