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Apologies for the lack in posts. I haven’t been up to much. And by much I mean NOTHING. Nada. Zilch. No work experiences. Not one. Boring!

Though I’d enjoy having a few days off but the rain is falling hard on London. How about you? How are you spending the summer months?


A friend of mine, doing a few weeks at The Guardian, has picked up a very good piece of advice. Journalists told her to SPECIALISE in a field. The competition is brutal, so the best thing to do is become a master in one field.

Just like make-up artist Louise Constad says those who call themselves¬† ”make-up artists, stylist AND a hair dressers”, all in one , are usually not as good because their energy and talents are spread, giving the client quantity and not quality.

That’s what I’m working on now. I’ve chosen my field: fashion. I’ve realised there isn’t much point of me working returning to the news desk as I won’t pick up anything on fashion.

Though I do advise that if you want to be a magazine journalist, try a news desk on a national newspaper, too. I went into the game thinking I wanted to be a war correspondent – something ‘hard newsy’. Turns out the only war I want to report on is the one that happens on the ground floor of the Selfridges Boxing Day sale.

As I hoped, the PR job was not to be my last workie position of the summer.

I received an e-mail yesterday saying I got accepted to help out at London Fashion Week. AAAH!! I’m VERY excited about that one.

This summer I’ve done four internships:

1) National newspaper, newsy side

2) National newspaper’s colour supplement, fashion side

3) National weekly glossy, fashion side

4) PR/design, fashion and beauty side

Out of the four, number 2 sticks out in my head as the one I most felt at home at. Number 3 was the most fun, I miss the other interns! A part of me wants to work for a weekly glossy, but the atmosphere is not very new-woman-on-the-block friendly. Number 1 was simply an experience to see if I wanted to be a ‘serious’ journalist (as they call it), I got a byline and enjoyed my week there but I don’t think it’s something I see myself doing. Number 4 was the only one I was counting down the days in. Definitely something I won’t be doing soon.

I’m glad I did all four of them. At the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t sure at all what area I wanted to go in, let alone whether it was PR or magazines. Now at least I know to aim for fashion.

So my PR internship is over. It was more like a design internship than PR. Nevertheless, I learnt how to design press releases, if not how to write them.

I did, however, get a ¬†chance to write, design and send out one of the press releases. It felt great, like a project carried through. And hey, Vogue beauty blog is featuring my product in the up coming weeks. So, success…no?

Magazines vs PR

This internship was supposed to give me some sort of indication if it’s PR or magazines I wanted to do. But it hasn’t. It’s made that line even more blurred. I do wish I worked more on the PR side of things, maybe that would have helped out my decision. It did, however, teach me not to go into the design side of things if I do ever enter this profession (InDesign and Photoshop, you have given me a few grey hairs, you!)

It’s been an okay four weeks. The thing that taught me the most were my boss’s telephone conversations. Just the way she liases with clients, with magazines, with other PRs…it teaches a lot more about the way the industry works than if I had sat down and wrote 51 press releases during my time.

And every work experience is, at the end of the day, experience. And a contact made!

Tomorrow is my last day at the PR place! I have never detested going to work so much…the hour-and-a-half train journey there and back is just too much to endure everyday!

Don’t get me wrong – the boss is lovely! My job is not too hard. But the TRECK is just that. A damn long treck.

So yeah, it’s over soon YAY!

And that seems to be it for me this summer. I’m holding fingers crossed for a week here and there before I go back to uni. I am byline greedy. Yes I am. Ooo.

Enough about me. How are you?