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The boss was out all day today and I actually missed her!! The day went sooo slow and I just felt like I was rotting away in boredom once I finished all my set tasks.

Oh I’m a geek aren’t I?


So I finally got to do some proper PR work today! Abandoning InDesign for the afternoon, I had the chance to send out press releases to stylists and fashion editors. It’s such a rewarding job when they come back to you actually wanting the item you’re putting out.

I think I like PR!

My boss at the PR place is recognising my design skills (that I wasn’t really aware of) and she’s going to put me in touch with a few of her contacts that work on weekly newspapers in London.

Ah it’s worth impressing her even though I don’t like my job!

I apologise for the absence in posting. The reason being is this damn PR job. It takes me so long to get home from work that when I’m finally home, all I want to do is eat and sleep. And that’s all I do do.

But anyways, less moaning. Second week at the PR place has been as boring as the first but maybe even more so because the boss is there all the time now (let me just clarify that I really like the boss – it’s just less work, more slack when she’s away…as you’d imagine). I’m still only making press releases, and playing around with pictures.

This week, I’m used to the job so I can’t really moan about that anymore. It’s the girls I’m working with that I wish to have a wee bit of a bitch about.
So let me start. I work with 3 other girls, 1 has just left so I needn’t talk about her. Out of the other two, one majorly lacks personality. Example: she agrees with everything anyone says. I’ve caught her saying she loves JLS and then to me (not the greatest JLS fan on earth) she says how she can’t stand them. That’s just one out of many examples, and the easiest to exemplify with.
The second girl does nothing but text guys to see who’s free to take her out that night. She’s very loud, too opinionated, and too negative of the world.
And so I don’t really have much in common with the girls and, no doubt, they don’t think the world of me either. Meh.

As far as actual PR is going, I’m not learning much. Oh wait, I did learn that before you spend 4 hours editing photos of products, make sure to check they’re in stock first!


First week at PR was a big inDesign blur. Although I applied for a PR position, my title is ‘Freelance Designer’. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And I guess it is good…I’m making press releases and having a lot of creative input.

The boss has to approve everything – which I understand – but after a whole day working on one press release, she tells me ‘the bikinis you’re featuring aren’t in stock anymore’. I wanted to go slightly mad since I spent hours cutting them out and Photoshop-ing them. Had she not seen my choice of bikinis early in the morning, I would have blamed myself for not checking their availability. But since she knew from the get go, I was frustrated to hear, at 5pm on a Friday, that I had to redo it with the correct stock.


3 more weeks to go. That’ll fly by, right?

*Wishful thinking, since this one week felt like one month!