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There’s never an exact time that magazines start taking workies for the year ahead, but I seem to think it’s summer. I’ve been e-mailing all year round, with failed responses ‘we’re full’. Something tells me summer is a new start for them, I know for sure it is for one monthly women’s magazine. So in these next few days, I’m dedicating my hours to all those applications again. It’s back to square 1 (plus 1…the work experiences from this summer) with C.Vs, adjusting cover letters and chasing it all up with a phone call. Dearest me. When shall this applying be over, Alexandra Shulman can’t wait forever for me to a be a fully eperienced wonder woman of the glossies.

Back to work.


Straight after I finished my four-week internship at the weekly magazine, I got two offers. One was to go back to the weekly supplement, the other to assistant a shoot…both were supposed to be in this last week, and both I had to turn down because I booked a holiday straight after. Would I turn down a holiday for an internship? Yes, except that I couldn’t let down the cousin I was travelling with.

Damn it! has great tips to get started in the fashion industry. They suggest signing up to an agency, and here’s three they recommend:

Staffing by Hall
270 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016
(212) 683-3360
Clients Include: Alexander Wang, Zac Posen

Hall’s a bit old-fashioned–the company doesn’t even have a Web site–but the firm does recruitment for plenty of top designers, including Alexander Wang (who, we’ve heard from sources, needs to hire about 12 more people. But don’t get too excited yet: The executive team is taking its time to ensure each new employee is right for the job.) Specifically, the agency recruits technical designers, production people, merchandisers, and buyers.
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I came across a bit of a moral dilemma this week.

A friend – no, more of an acquaintance – came to me for help with getting internships. Now, this – let’s call her Anjola – hardly speaks to me at university, she fell out with me because something my friend did (not the most mature girl, she), but the minute she needs help she comes to me.

Anjola wanted a few of my contacts because she’s had no luck getting even a week of experience. Hm. Now here’s where my ‘if-you-don’t-help-her-Karma-will-come-and-kick-you-up-where-the-sun-NOR-the-moon-shine’ (nor THE MOON?! I though to myself…that’s harsh!!). So anyways, I didn’t give her the contacts but I guided her in the right direction where to find all e-mail addresses, what to say in a cover letter and what to do after she’s sent her application off.

I’m always willing to help people but it sucks when you have to help those that you just know don’t like you! If I ever run into Karma…

If you have a work experience blog, or about any of the industries I write about, let me know and I’ll add you on!

It was my last day at the weekly magazine on Friday. While I was really sad to leave, one of the interns couldn’t care less, and the other two decided to drown their sorrows in the fashion cupboard, stealling abandonded items. It felt very high schoolish. There was much giggling and sneaking around. And dirty looks directed at me for judging them.

I felt all high and mighty (hah!) for not joining in. A part of me wanted to pull a Paris Geller moment and snitch, but then Rory Gilmore kicked in and brought me back to my senses.

I just couldn’t steal with them, though. In the four weeks there, I felt a sense of trust and loyalty build with the team – I could’t kick them in the teeth like that.

*taps self on the back*