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It’s not in journalism nor PR but it’s a wee jobbie in the entertainment industry. It’s not exactly entertaining nor do I entertain it. But it’s a job, and the people are nice. And it feeds me when student loan goes into student overdraft. (Us students have it all tailored to get us into a perfect debt. Perfect.)

Anyway, it has its perks. I meet celebs. Hear releases first. See tour rehearsals before others. That kind of thing. I also get to judge a celebrity in real life. So I can justify liking/ not liking someone, myself, instead of letting The Daily Mail and make my conclusion.

There are some celebs who always come here to rehearse and thus I won’t talk about them. But they are the nice ones. The not-so-nice *here’s ME being nice* I will name. Such as the blonde from Mini Viva and Michelle Williams (somehow rude without being rude…anyway I got a bad vibe from her). Just two that stick in my head. Nada extreme. Hair dressers, on the other hand, are extreme! They’re the rudest kind I’ve met!


It’s been a week of interning with people I don’t really click with. I suppose you can’t just roll with the jokes from hello. But today, nicely, was the day we all let go and managed to have actually have fun! Not sure where the barriers dropped but all of a sudden we went from talking about Chalk PR and cleaning the fashion cupboard, to planning to go out of for after-work drinks and even getting matching stationary! It’s lovely.

Working in the fashion office today, I had to endure hours of women counting calories, sucking up to each other and general being THAT girl. *THAT girl is the Devil Wears Prada-kinda girl*.

Although these women aren’t necessarily NOT nice, they’re not as nice as the women in the Saturday supplement I worked for. They offer tea to EVERYONE in office and miss out myself and another workie. Really?! I mean really?! Do they find it that hard to offer an intern tea? Ridicilous. Especially because I feel ever so rude not to offer them a drink when I make myself some.

Not just that, but we’re all sitting on the same desk and not one of them will initiate a conversation with me. I realise they’re not exactly going to tell me the intimate details of their lives, but at least ask me something…you know?!

This just makes me question what industry I want to work in. I love fashion. But do I want to indure a lifetime of overweight size zero girls?

I’ve had two work experience placements in fashion departments and 2 in features and I have to say the former is MUCH better.

As a features workie, I did very little. I did research, cleaning around and transcribing if I was lucky! But as a fashion workie, I’m always kept busy. Though the work is not as glamorous as it sounds, I am ALWAYS kept busy, running around and the day goes quick.

This summer has definitely taught me if I want real experience to choose fashion over features.

That’s a bit of a title isn’t it! Remember the Saturday supplement I worked at last week? They called me back in to work! BUT I’m at a weekly now so no can do *extremely sad face but happy too ‘cos I like this new place but not so happy because it’s not as good as last week’s*.

But at least it means that I wasn’t too bad eh! I really want to go back though, I enjoyed it so much and felt so at home in just the five days I spent there!

So, I’m on work experience at a weekly glossy. It’s going good. I’m in the fashion cupboard so I’m kept busy – great!

My jobs have been returning samples back to press offices and getting prices for items. I enjoyed the latter more because I work on my own and do it my way. The former, I work with three other workies and it’s all a bit like… too many cooks. You know? Nevertheless, I can’t complain!